Our studio faced the challenge of enhancing the recognition of the Jiffy delivery service among potential customers in London. Given the highly competitive market, it was crucial to develop a 360 advertising campaign with a unique and creative idea that would not only attract attention but also communicate the practicality and usefulness of the 15-minute food delivery service, distinguishing it from other offerings in the market.


To address this challenge, we conceptualized and developed a creative video campaign around the theme "NOT BAD". The idea was to present the 15-minute food delivery service not as something extraordinary or miraculous, but as a clear and valuable service for the entire family. The campaign played with the notion that, while the service might seem ordinary or “not bad”, it was, in fact, an essential solution to the everyday needs of modern families in London.


The "NOT BAD" campaign successfully increased Jiffy's brand recognition among Londoners and highlighted the practicality of the service. The creative approach resonated with the target audience, leading to a significant increase in user engagement and customer acquisition. By redefining the expectations and positioning the service as a reliable and convenient solution for families, Jiffy experienced a boost in its market presence and established a stronger connection with the London community.



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