Our studio faced the task of not just developing a landing page for VK but showcasing a wide range of innovative technologies utilized by the social network. It was crucial to create not only an appealing design but also to ensure a high-quality user experience to highlight VK’s technological advancements. The main challenge was to visually represent complex technological processes, such as neural networks and speech recognition, to a broad audience and potential employees.


To address this challenge, we applied contemporary design and web development methods, including dynamic motion to illustrate the workings of VK’s technologies. We zoomed in on pixelated video to demonstrate the impact of neural networks on image quality and showed text appearing as an audio message was played to explain the functionality of speech recognition. These methods allowed us to create an immersive and informative user experience.


The outcome is a compelling landing page that successfully accentuates VK’s technological achievements and strengthens the brand’s image among potential employees and the tech community. We received positive feedback from VK. This project showcases our ability to transform complex concepts into accessible digital experiences, meeting high standards of design and functionality.






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