Yandex Mobile Mediation, a cutting-edge service designed for online monetization of various application projects, posed a significant challenge. The service, which ensures optimal pricing for advertising through in-app bidding and a smart waterfall, initially presented a complex mechanism to users. A profound understanding of the process was essential for users to maximize its benefits. The complexity necessitated the conveyance of the intricate details in a manner that is easily digestible, prompting Yandex Ads to seek a solution that would simplify the learning curve for the end-users.


To address this challenge, our studio was approached to create an explainer video that would distill the essence of Yandex Mobile Mediation’s intricate process into a concise, user-friendly format. The objective was to convey the mechanics of the service in just 60 seconds, providing a clear, visual representation of how the technology functions. This approach aimed not only to demystify the service’s operations but also to illuminate its applications and benefits, thereby facilitating a more intuitive user experience.


The implementation of the explainer video proved to be a pivotal step in enhancing user comprehension and engagement with Yandex Mobile Mediation. As a result, there was a notable increase in the understanding of users regarding how to leverage the service effectively and why it is indispensable for online monetization. This elevation in user awareness has translated into more informed utilization of the service, demonstrating the efficacy of visual learning tools in simplifying complex technological concepts and fostering a more user-centric approach.






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