Our studio faced the challenge of promoting VK Combo subscription, a complex product offering discounts at various partners. The nature of the product demanded innovative and engaging advertising strategies to effectively communicate its benefits and motivate a broad user base to subscribe. We needed to create diverse and dynamic content that could adapt to evolving marketing messages and keep the audience engaged.


To address this, we devised a multitude of creative ideas and produced an extensive range of performance videos and static graphics. We were committed to releasing between 2 to 10 sets of videos and static graphics weekly, tailored for performance marketing. This approach allowed us to explore various angles to present the intricate subscription service and consistently convey its value to potential subscribers. Over the year, we generated more than 500 sets of dynamic and compelling content, enabling frequent shifts in the advertising message.


The diverse and adaptable content significantly contributed to conveying the subscription’s benefits to a wider audience. By continuously changing the messaging and presenting the service in various lights, we successfully motivated an increased number of users to subscribe. The extensive collection of over 500 video and static graphic sets ensured the campaign's freshness and relevance, resulting in heightened user engagement and a boost in subscription rates for VK Combo.






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